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In conversation with Kami Sid

Tell us a bit about this project?

It was a chance that I had and I took it. Before this shoot nobody would have thought it’s possible in Pakistan for a transgender model to be seen all over social media. People already knew me as an activist, now they will also know me as the face of my community. I’ve taken this step with the help of all these great people, and I hope to continue to do this.

Did you always dream of becoming a model?

Modelling? No. My dream has always been to do something for myself and for others who are living their life like me, be it with varying genders, different orientations or sexual identities. I did enjoy doing the shoot and will like to work more in this industry.

How does your family feel about you stepping into the limelight?

There is no support from my family because they don’t want me to be involved in media, modelling, etc. They are pretty much alright with me working for the transgender community but they don’t want me to be in the front of the mainstream society. However, I believe that nothing will change unless we create some awareness and that can only be done via things that jolt the society.

What do you aim to change in the society by doing this?

I feel that the mindset of the society really needs to change, people here are not aware about gender and sexuality differences, they think sex work is a taboo, they feel people who are not like them don’t deserve a change. I want to change this thinking, I want to sensitize people about all genders. Everyone deserves a chance at life and all lives matter, be it a man, a woman or a transgender. As the first transgender model in Pakistan, I feel it’s a great opportunity for me to explore myself as well as promote the true face of the transgender community in front of mainstream society.

How did you get involved with this shoot?

Waqar J Khan came up with the idea, I considered it as an opportunity to give a face to our community and we decided to go ahead with it. If a man or a woman can be a model, then a transgender can be one too, it’s only fair.

Did you get any threats after the shoot?

Life is a threat for me, being a transgender in Pakistan is not easy. We have all seen many instances of violence against the community, so yes, I do get threats regularly. I try to be as careful as I can but I believe that when we step out to work, each day becomes a threat, so just do what you’re good at and leave the rest to fate.

Will you participate in fashion shows if the opportunity arises?

If I get good opportunities to represent my community in the industry via Fashion Pakistan Week or Bridal Couture Week or any other show for that matter, I would love to do it. Recently Mukhtara Mai walked the ramp, one day we will too. I believe that transgender community should not be confined to the backstage of the fashion industry, some of us would like to be the face of the industry instead of just being the makeup artists.

What are your upcoming projects & plans?

I’m waiting for some good opportunities from the industry, if any one wants to do a shoot with me as a transgender model I’ll be happy to avail the opportunity.

What message would you like to give to your fans and the world?

I would like to give just one message to the world – Love, care and respect others. Love yourself and love others as well, this is the true purpose of life.

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