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Kangana shines but Simran falters

Praful Patel (Kangana) is a 30-year-old divorcee living in Georgia with her middle class guardians. A house keeper by profession, she lands up living a life of crime after her tryst with betting at a Las Vegas casino. One awful swing prompts a few more  and before you know it, Praful is in debt.

The decent thing about Simran is that it wanders into a zone where actresses fear to tread. The hero, a lady with an unfaltering soul, lives by her own rules.She doesn’t fall into a moral quandary about her actions just to help her imperfect character more likable.

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Other then the start, everything else about the film is impossible.

The narrative wavers and the execution doesn’t make up for the gaps. Praful approaches bank robbery with no plans yet manages to away with her crime even after  leaving fingerprints and lipstick on the cash.

The media labels her the ‘Lipstick Highway Man’ and the Atlanta cops and the defrauded bank workers appear like a group of jokers, who continue pestering the dauntless scoundrel’s usual way of doing things, The story is light and full of laughs but does not always make sense.

The only person who is having a fun time here is Kangana. Regardless of whether she’s easy going or brave, the on-screen character approaches her life with a joyful twist. Be that as it may, there are scenes when even she can not retain the audiences steady core interest.

Having Kanagana Ranaut play Praful is a masterstroke and the star doesn’t disappoint. Too bad her talent is squandered on an uneven film which battles to explore the diverse classes of strange parody, family drama and silly romance.

Save this for a one-time watch as it’s still worth watching Ranaut play a self-destructive rebel, but if you are looking for a fine cinematic masterpiece then this is not it.

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