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10 of Kate Spade’s quirkiest designs

Fashion designer Kate Spade opened her first store in 1996, eventually going on to become an iconic label known for its sleek and colorful handbags.

Kate Spade was found dead of an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment on June 5, and many are mourning the loss of a fashion icon who brought a pop of colour to their lives.

While the designer was famous for her classic yet colourful bags, it was the quirkier pieces that stood out best. Here’s a look at some of our personal favourites.

The peacock that is strutting its stuff

kate spade

This cuddly critter that holds your finger

This fierce fashion statement!

The purse that plays a tune

A lunch bag with an important message
A purse that looks like magic!

kate spade

A purse to help you unwind?

The funky shoes that’ll take you places!

A fun spin on the classic black heel

Because the devil wears Kate Spade!

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