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Load Wedding: Pure entertainment, a social message and sheer brilliance

Director Nabeel Qureshi wasn’t bragging when he claimed, in an earlier conversation with Edition, that he and his team are creating the identity of Pakistani cinema. Load Wedding stars Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat as Raja and Meeru, and is a simple film with a big message.

The acting, dialogues and script were nothing less than brilliant, and here’s why it might just be the best thing to happen to our cinema this year!

Spoilers ahead!

Crushing superstitions

load wedding

Amongst several other issues, Load Wedding puts into focus the ancient societal belief that widows are considered bad luck. When Meeru’s husband passes away the day after their wedding, the whole town is quick to curse the girl and claim that she is the source of bad luck. Of course Raja’s family too refuses to accept Raja’s choice, who is absolutely smitten by Meeru since childhood. Things eventually take a wonderful turn, proving how Meeru brings good luck wherever she goes!

Strong female characters

Though Fahad Mustafa is the central character, the film has put ample focus on the supporting cast, giving them all moments to shine. From the animated Baby Baji (Faiza Hassan), to Meeru and Raja’s mother (played by Samina Ahmed), each have defined characters and vital roles in the main plot. No more room for damsels in distress here!

Fahad Mustafa’s lovable character

load wedding

It’s been a while since we saw Fahad Mustafa play a character so innocent. With plenty of ‘aaww’ moments, Raja’s lovable innocence appeals to the audience, as do his many acts of kindness.

The simple love story

As Fahad Mustafa told us, this is a simple love story, and the beauty with which it is portrayed is perfect. Furthermore, the story doesn’t end once the two get married. Raja proves to be a loving husband, who can see when his wife is being treated unfairly by his family, and goes out of the way to make her happy.

The social message

load wedding

The greatest feat that Load Wedding has achieved is the focus it has brought to the dowry system that is still prevalent in society. Showing an under privileged family that is struggling to find a proper suitor for their daughter, mainly because of dowry demands, is the story of many households today. This message is delivered without preaching to the audience, with a twist of comedy in the middle, which makes for a great watch.

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