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London calling! – Fashion Parade London 2016


Fashion Parade London has garnered an enviable name amongst desi fashion weeks ever since the inception in 2013, and is considered to be an upscale platform for Asian fashion in London. This year the show featured ten designers.


The “New King of Couture” presented a uniquely westernized collection to appeal to the Londoners taste.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-HSY-1 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-HSY-4

Ali Xeeshan

Staying true to his aesthetics, Xeeshan presented an utterly unorthodox collection.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Ali-Xeeshan-4 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Ali-Xeeshan-5


Faiza Samee

Like a reviving breath of fresh air, Samee introduced deeply traditional techniques and silhouettes.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Faiza-Samee-2 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Faiza-Samee-7

Hira Shah

Encapsulating the model come designer’s ethos, the collection was feminine to the core.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Hira-Shah-3 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Hira-Shah-4

Khushboo’s by Chand

The designer duo Aminah and Chand presented a East meets West infusion.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Khushboo-by-chand-2 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Khushboo-by-chand-6

Studio S

SeherTareen’s collection was a visual treat and unexplainably versatile and innovative.

Fashion-Parade-2016-Studio-S-3 Fashion-Parade-2016-Studio-S-5-683x1024

Saira Rizwan

Simple yet tastefully done, “Omorfi” by Rizwan stood out drastically from the rest.

Fashion-Parade-2016-Saira-Rizwan-1 Fashion-Parade-2016-Saira-Rizwan-2

Nomi Ansari

Playing with colors, Ansari’s “Joyride” couture collection appealed to the summer cravings of many.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Nomi-Ansari-1-731x1024 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Nomi-Ansari-4

Mehreen Noorani

Nothing beats a masterfully created collection that exhibits the best of both cultures.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Mehreen-Noorani-2 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Mehreen-Noorani-4


As luxurious as it gets, Raishma presented a collection that would befit any royal.

Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Raishma-1 Fashion-Parade-2016-London-Raishma-2

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