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We love KeraStraight (Intense Boost) Treatment by Peng’s Salon!

Having had visited Peng’s Salons in the past and always coming home happy, we were pretty excited about their new branch launch at Bukhari commercial in Karachi. And so we decided to drop by and treat ourselves to some of the best salon services out there!

With dry and frizzy hair due to incessant color jobs, impromptu hangouts have become out of the question for us. Especially, in the hot and humid season, managing hair on a daily basis is an uphill task.

Enter the KeraStraight (Intense Boost) Treatment by Peng’s Salon.

KeraStraight is one of the latest treatments to hit the market, which promises silky smooth and more manageable locks.

It started off with intensive hair washed with a deep cleansing shampoo. Next it’s on to coating the hair sections with the treatment and left on for a while.

In the meantime, we decided to go for their signature manicure because why not? And Peng’s, like always did not disaapoint. Their Essie manicure was a truly pampering experience, where we just sat back and got a chance to rejuvenate our hands, while sip on soothing tea and enjoying the refreshments. Totally recommended!

Laslty, the hair was rinsed and immediately we could notice that they were easier to brush through without much tangling.

The result: KeraStraight worked wonders, leaving hair silky straight and frizz-free. What’s even better, hair became soft and shiny too!

We love how it makes your hair look healthy and ends your battles with frizz. Brownie points for it being a budget friendly treatment for dry and damaged hair.

We are already booking in our next visit to Peng’s Salon…


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