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‘Lyrique’ Style off with Al Karam

Al Karam launched their newest collection ‘Lyrique’ with a whole new bang! with a style off – featuring two stylists, Amal Qadri and Alishay Adnan with an unknown list of bloggers and editors in Karachi who they would style in the new collection and have their styling rated!


The editors and bloggers were given two outfits each and Team Edition was paired with Amal! Here was the first look:


These looks were rated out of 20 by other bloggers and editors on hair, make up and styling on the outfit on this runway specially curated by Al Karam at their store:


Then came on look two, where Amal Qadri is seen styling Edition’s very own Digital Head, Farah Vayani!


After the runway of rating on the style off was over, the points were calculated thereby telling us all which stylist took the style game to the next level!

Drum roll please..

The winners were: Team Amal (featuring Team Edition!)


And pictured here, the runners up: Team Alishay


The lovely day ended with us giving our view on the new collection, Lyrique, which you can hear all about here:

And to end the event, we got the cutest notebooks with ball point quills – as old school yet modern as it gets – perfectly encapsulating the collection itself, 50s meets modernity.


And of course, it takes a village to pull something like this off – the Talking Point team and the stylists!


The collection is officially in stores and ready to buy!

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