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MAC’s Virtual Reality mirror lets you try on make up without trying it on

Mirrors are so 2017 – the new generation of cosmetic stores just may have virtual reality mirrors that let you try any number of products without the pain of wiping numerous shades of pink off your wrist.

MAC stores will now feature mirrors which will virtually let you try on products. And if you’ve ever worn a too-light foundation and only realised it in brash lighting, worry no more. Because these mirrors provide a full 3D video of make-up under any lighting condition. Phew. The mirrors will include 29 custom eye looks and have been developed by scientists to provide a life-like rendition that’s ultra-realistic.

Working with Modiface, the beauty industry’s go-to provider for AR experiences, the mirrors — which are really freestanding iPads — utilize a combination of facial tracking and 3D video makeup rendering to allow users to simulate how full eye, lipstick and blush looks will look on their face. To ensure accuracy, the makeup selected is mapped to the face 30 times per second, which places the final look to within a fraction of a pixel for each face.

“This allows customers to explore and try on a whole range of products without the mess and the hassle,”

Installing the technology also affords brands tons of significant data on shopper habits, including the most popular shades. Users are also able to save a still image or a GIF of the makeup look for later, in case they want to revisit.


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