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Makeup City has been bringing prominent international personal care brands under one roof for over a decade in Pakistan. Their flagship store in Dolmen Mall Karachi houses a wide array of Make-up, Skin Care and Hair Care products for personal and professional use.

The store, itself, is not an ordinary makeup outlet; in fact it like a specialized cosmetics laboratory complete with accomplished saleswomen who guide and assist customers. Thus, it came as no surprise when Makeup City recently held an event at Dolmen Mall Clifton with the aim to promote grooming in women. The installation was a kiosk complete with a makeup station, perfume stand and specialists for hair, makeup and skin.

The installation was visited by many women ranging from young to middle aged, all of whom were given professional opinion and help for their hair and skin issues. The customers were also given fabulous discount vouchers and giveaways of products available in store.

As one who is barely experimental in makeup purchasing, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the products received in the Give-away. The products ranged from nail polish and mascara to bleach powder and hair conditioner. Here is line up of the products:

GOSH Mascara with Serious Volume : Oh boy did it deliver on its promise! Upon first application, the mascara lengthens the lashes and on all subsequent applications the eyelashes become impressively long, dark and thick. This Mascara is phenomenal for drastically changing your eyes and giving you a quick ready and formal look. The product is definitely a part of my essential make up kit now!


RIGENOL Hair Conditioner: Now this Hair Conditioner is for all hair types! Upon first usage, it softened my colour damaged hair and the result was consistent. This is a dream product for a women like me who are battling dry hair, oily scalp and split ends!

Nail Colour by Sweet Touch: Who doesn’t love a pearly pink nail colour? I loved this brand when I used it! The colour coverage was fantastic and nails remained shiny and unchipped for 3 days! That’s the longest I have gone with any brand including the overrated and overpriced ones!

EyeLashes by Kroylan: Falsies are all the rage right now in Pakistan. Weddings, Birthdays and/or tea parties – take out your falsies! While many people spend a fortune on expensive lashes (guilty!), i tried these babies and boy was I delighted! They stayed on and did not move an inch for a whopping 12 hours (after which I had to take them off myself). They my made my eyes look dramatic and on point. Time to stock up on these now!

It is no surprise that Make Up City has made brisk progress since its launch and is available in 16 outlets nationwide. I would urge all make up lovers, enthusiasts and professionals to visit their nearest make up city for an amazing product haul. Good luck girls!

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