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Mansha Pasha speaks against Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin

Obsession with fair skin is a problem deeply rooted in mindsets all over the world, and Pakistan is not far behind. So when beauty stereotypes are reinforced by our stars who endorse such beauty products, it adds to the problem instead of solving it.

Yesterday, actress Mansha Pasha took to Instagram to share an ad for a whitening cream, which had used her picture, and clarified that she has never been associated with any such product.

“For the record I haven’t done any fairness cream campaigns, I don’t believe in it. This is not an endorsed campaign I haven’t done it.” Mansha wrote. “And why do people keep obsessing over color?? Yes I used to be darker, I’m still tan but light, camera, angles make a huggge difference! People grow people change. Stop obsessing guys! Dark, tan, fair IT’S ALL BEAUTIFUL IN IT’S OWN WAY! It’s your thinking that’s all!” the actress further stated.


In a conversation with Edition, Mansha shared that while she cannot speak for other celebrities and why they choose to endorse such products, she does believe that nothing good can come out of promoting these ideas.

“I do believe that the mindset is changing, but we need to do more work to change this belief. We need to speak up and that’s what I’ve tried to do here…all over the world there is a shift [in mindsets] happening and it’s important for this shift to take place in Pakistan too,” the Aangan actress opined.

“There has been some progression but it’s really not enough, there needs to be more progression. Like Sana Mir even pointed out a TVC for a hair removing cream that gave the idea that if you don’t have body hair and have soft skin you can play basketball. Athleticism and sports don’t have anything to do with that! This is a mindset and it’s being used constantly by brands to promote a certain kind of thinking, and this isn’t right.” Mansha spoke.


Actors and celebrities worldwide have accepted the moral responsibility that comes with their fame. Not looking too far, Bollywood’s bigwigs have also been promoting the ‘dark is beautiful’ agenda. Kangana Ranaut has refused to endorse a fairness cream brand, while Abhay Deol went as far as to name and shame renown Bollywood personalities for endorsing fairness products. Similarly, cricketer Virat Kohli refused to endorse a soft drink brand because he himself didn’t consume it. While it’s about time we start promoting that every shape, size and colour is beautiful, it is also time that our stars start taking their influencing powers seriously.

We have Pakistan’s top actresses endorsing fairness brands and hair removing creams that equate success with smooth skin, and while many argue that the brands are just meeting the public’s demand, it cannot be denied that these ideas greatly promote stereotypical beliefs that are harmful for young minds and do not help society progress in anyway. It’s about time that every skin colour is considered equal, but how can one challenge that idea when you have influencers claim that the secret to their success is their fair skin?


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