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4 reasons why everyone’s excited for ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’

Possibly one of the most eagerly awaited Pakistani movie of recent times, The Legend of Maula Jatt finally released its first official trailer and we have to admit, we were not disappointed! Sure the trailer had a Game-of-Thrones-meets-BajiRao sort of vibe to it, but hey we’re not passing any verdict till we seen the full film.

From a super ensemble cast, to the film’s interesting genre, here’s why most of us are anticipating its release!

Fawad and Mahira reunite!

maula jatt

Fans have been waiting for 7 long years to see Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan to return to our screens after the hit that was Humsafar. Their chemistry is undeniable and just a glimpse of the two stars in the trailer has us all cheering on!

Fawad and Hamza’s grungy new looks
maula jatt

Everyone was eagerly following Fawad’s new buff and rough avatar the last couple of years as he took on the role of Maula Jatt, and we finally got to see the final look last night. Fawad and Hamza Ali Abbasi both have been given interesting makeovers for their roles, which of course adds the finesse in their characters.

The action


Let’s admit it- Pakistani films are a little behind when it comes to the action department and we seem to be stuck in the same action sequences for the most part. This movie, however, seems to have more to offer and it looks like a lot of thought and effort has gone into giving the audience some serious dramatic action!

The risk

Recreating one of the most legendary stories of Pakistani cinema is no easy feat and we have to commend the makers for taking this risk. To take our industry ahead we need talented individuals who are willing to take risks and churn films that are more than just the typical romantic, comedy or drama.

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