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Mental Health Awareness: Where to seek help

The importance of mental health issues and their prevalence in present day society cannot be emphasized enough. While many mental health issues can result from chemical imbalances in the body, the preliminary step is to seek help in anyway one can. This could be something as simple as confiding in a friend, family member or peer.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues, seeking professional help is vital. While many might not have the accessibility to go out of their homes and do so, here’s a short list of online resources, helplines and organisations that may be of help.

  1. Baat Karo provides a 24 hour helpline for mental health services. Reachable via Whatsapp on 03355743344.

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  2. is another organisation providing a free of charge mental health helpline and counselling services. They have a friendly website which provides easy guidance on how to seek the help you may need.
  3. Therapy Works Pakistan is a professional institute that has been providing counselling and therapy for all sorts of mental health problems. They have a team of professionals who can assist you regarding issues which range from addiction, to schizophrenia, depression, marriage counselling and others.
  4. Rozan is an NGO providing counselling services to those in need. Their helpline is free and accessible from all over Pakistan, and their team consists of psychologists and social workers.

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  5. is a website which provides a database of reliable mental health professionals in Pakistan. You can select a therapist depending on your need and contact them directly via email or phone. You can also reach out to multiple therapists and select one which best meets your budget/schedule/needs.

Of course there are numerous private practitioners available in most cities, many of who also offer Skype sessions.


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