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Mushk Kaleem & Alicia Khan Set To Walk The Ramp At Milan Fashion Week

In a proud moment for Pakistan, two models, Alicia Khan & Mushk Kaleem were selected after an extensive process to walk at Milan Fashion Week this month for a designer called Stella Jean whose collection consists of pieces inspired from up north, using embroideries and craft by the women in the northern areas of Pakistan itself!

A little about Stella Jean: Recognized as the first Black Italian designer, Stella Jean lives and works in Rome and is considered to be Giorgio Armani’s protégé. Jean’s work often merges classical Italian tailoring with African and Caribbean themes and imagery from Haiti, resulting in a cultural fusion of her own identity. In 2019 she was highlighted by the New York Times as the most convincing of all the New Gen designers in Milan.



We spoke to Mushk Kaleem after reaching Milan and here’s what she had to say:

“I’m just extremely humbled that I’ve been chosen for this opportunity and that I really just want to make Pakistan proud. I want to establish my name and my country’s name on an international platform. This can truly open so many doors for us.”

She also took to social media platform, Instagram to say:

We are still awaiting a comment from Alicia, but keep an eye out for updates!







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