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My anger drives my films: Shoaib Mansoor

The reclusive film maker Shoaib Mansoor opened up about his upcoming project in an open letter in Instep. The director of upcoming film Verna which stars Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid talked about his motivation to create films that “reflect (his) beliefs and conscience.”

“Film to me is an art form like poetry,” Mansoor wrote in his brief account, “Many may not agree with me but I believe in giving art some meaning. All over the world poetry done with some deeper meanings and ideology has always lived longer.”

His past two films the gritty and heart wrenching  Khuda Ke Liyein and Bol have been critically acclaimed for their ability to probe issues often considered taboo including sodomy, religious dogma and even terrorist sympathizers.

With Verna, Mansoor hopes to bring to light “how rape is used as a tool by powerful in the society to humiliate and invoke fear among the vulnerable. All this happens in the context of patriarchy where the bodies of women have become the battle ground for men to fight their battles of honor, power and revenge.”

“My films reflect the anger that I feel on social injustice of all forms.”

Every time he is about to embark on a film it is his anger that drives my movement of thoughts not the hunger for success and money. He says that his films all deal with women empowerment… ‘Khuda Kay Liye Bol Verna’. “I sincerely hope (Verna) will not only spark off the process of shifting people’s patriarchal mindsets but will rejuvenate the movement against this crime.”


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