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This new clinic will give you an extreme beauty boost

Reality shows such as “Extreme Makeover” first got people talking about plastic surgery and that conversation continues to this day. What was once considered the domain of the Anna Nicole Smiths of the world has become a viable option for many men and women who are simple seeking a confidence boost.

The stigma around ‘getting a little work done’ is diminishing, and many people — not just celebrities — are open to going under the knife even right here in Pakistan. The process may seem drastic but according to Dr. Ambreen Roshan founder of Caviar Discover Clinic a new beauty clinic that just launched in Karachi one should “do what makes you feel beautiful, strong and confident.”

Does that mean cosmetic surgery? Not necessarily – but don’t take it off the table.

Whatever bothers you, whether it is hereditary or caused by aging or trauma, there is likely a procedure to target it that is safe and effective. The newly opened Caviar Clinic offers all sorts of services from a little ‘pick me up’ Botox to breast augmentation.

The launch was a glam affair inaugurated by Bakheet Ateeq-al-Romaithi – Vice Council UAE, attended by family and socialites. Dr Humayun Mohmand and Dr. Ambreen Roshan have been working together nine years and their new clinic offers clients privacy and a sense of calm.

With procedures that are safe, available and do in fact work the trend of cosmetic enhancements is increasing in Pakistan. A few popular services include:

  • Rhinoplasty: Corrects, reconstructs the nose aesthetically.
  • Chin Enhancement: Shaving the lower jaw for a narrower look.
  • Cheek Augmentation: Emphasizes the cheeks on the face
  • Liposuction: Removes fat from the body for a slimmer profile.

Living in an era that constantly tells us we have to be beautiful it is important to at the very least feel it.  “All of us are beautiful,” says Dr Ambreen, “Our job is to ensure you look and feel the same way.”

The idea that our bodies and souls are a “work in progress” has led to a world of possibilities for those of us with anxieties about being aesthetically lacking. While it is certainly true that ‘outer beauty pleases the eye, and inner beauty captivates the heart’ there is nothing wrong with wanting to please both.


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