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We always look at the girl on the runway and wonder who they are, and then we see them in editorials and maybe slipping into Xanders for a quick coffee to go! Now you can know more about one of the beauties.

We spoke with Roshanay Afridi on life as a model and beyond, so you could know her better, too!

How did your journey start in the modelling industry?

I was scouted when I was 14 in New York City. My parents didn’t allow me to model at that time since they wanted me to finish my education first. Then I got scouted again in LA when I was 18 and signed with an agency. From there I started modeling and did international work and have been since then.

What were you doing pre modelling days?

I was going to high school/uni and was into competitive swimming.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Whenever I go back home to Los Angeles, I get a lot of inspiration from the streets and people. I’m also very much into Japanese and Korean fashion and skincare. I check out the latest fashion trends in harajuku and what’s going on in their market.

If you could shoot for a brand, local and/or international, who would it be and why?

Locally I would love to team up with Maybelline, I grew up seeing my mom use their products and in turn me stealing them from her and trying them out. They always come out with the prettiest lip colors. Internationally I’d love to work with TooFaced. I absolutely love their look and I use their products for work all the time.

What do you you do on your days off?

I sleep in! Hahah I never realized how valuable sleep is until now. If I’m well rested then I try to properly utilize my day by running all my errands, getting mani/pedis and just relaxing with friends by going to the movies or having a nice brunch.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

I speak 8 languages, I know how to ride a bicycle without using the handles and I’ve studied in Amsterdam, England (Oxford university) Japan and the US for my degrees.

What should we expect next from you?

There are definitely some very exciting international projects that are in the works. I love working in Pakistan but as I am from Los Angeles, I do go back and forth for jobs. The most exciting part for me is traveling more for these projects. However, all in all just expect more progressive and interesting work in the near future ?

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