As the winter break begins, it's time to catch up on some Netflix Classics

Some things just don’t make it to your Netflix suggestions do they? No. Not every show or movie can be given the VIP treatment and advertised all over the site. A lot of quality content just slips right by you but do not fear we did a deep dive recently and have some great suggestions you may not be privy to!

They’re all a little dark and gritty but with the cold in the air and plenty of time spent under a blanket, something about that kind of content just fits in well for a good binge session.


Watch Detective Holden Fold of the FBI team up with fellow colleagues and a professor of psycho-therapry assemble a behavioral science unit in the 1970’s to understand the untapped psychology behind the heinous acts of real life serial killers like Charles Manson, Son of Sam and Jef Kempner. This is definitely the most binge worthy of the whole list, especially if you favour murder documentaries.


We can’t even describe a bit of the plot without giving the whole show away! Nonetheless there are 3 fully packed seasons of great plots, shocking reveals and a whole lot of organised crime. If you watch the show and remember this, see if you can spot the twist before it is shown to the audience.

What Will People Say

What Will People say is a 2017 internationally co-produced drama film directed and written by Iram Haq. It follows the life of a young girl whose life is upturned when she is required to forcefully relocate to her home country of Pakistan. The film explores the many problems facing the integration of cultures and conventional values that women of desi origin face.

No Country For Old Men

This American neo-western classic starring Tommy Lee Jones is an underrated cinematic piece. A drug deal that went bad and a sack full of cold hard cash leave 3 very unlikely people to have their lives intertwined. Based on a novel by the same name, the fantastic transformation of time period is not one to miss.


This one came at the suggestion from a friend who almost always despises the corny plotlines we all love about regular old bollywood films. However, this fantastic film stars the amazingly underrated Akshay Oberoi and Pankaj Tripathi as a brother-sister duo who are at the bottom of and involved in a heinous scheme of someone’s doing - dare to watch and find out!

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