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Nida Jamal – Mastering the art of makeup


How did you get in the field of makeup artistry?

“When we were young, we would play with our mother’s makeup and that’s how our passion developed into our profession”, is an answer we would commonly get from most makeup artists. However in my case, if I look back three years from now I could not even apply eyeliner properly. When I gave up freelance photography I did not give up on my dreams and was determined to find my passion. That is how I met makeup artistry.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your field?

It’s unfortunate that even in these modern times this profession is quite underrated and looked down upon by most of the people in our society. Instead of calling her by her name, people refer to a makeup artist as “parlour wali”. It’s high time that the society respects this profession and realizes that it is not just MAKEUP, it’s ART.

What are your favourite makeup brands?

The list would include both high-end and drugstore brands, namely Anastasia Beverly Hills, JUVIA’S Place, Tarte, Morphe, Nars & NYX.

Which local brands do you think are under rated?

Masarrat Misbah and Sweet Touch have come up with some amazing products, which give tough competition to some high-end brands in terms of the results and quality. Many a times they simply go unnoticed on a market shelf.

What is your all-time favourite look that you created?

Smokey halo eyes paired with an ombre pout has been my latest obsession.

If you could choose any personality from Pakistan to give a makeover, who would it be and why?

Without any second thoughts, my choice would be Iman Ali since I feel that nobody carries makeup better than her.

Which beauty trends do you want to see disappear?

Overdrawn lips would top the list, followed by extra thin eyebrows and eye makeup that extends the boundary of the eye sockets making one look horrendous.

What makeup advice would you give to an average person?

Never feel ashamed of your complexion or how you look. Makeup is made to enhance your features without transforming you into another person, so take pride in what you are blessed with.

What are your future plans?

Five years down the road I plan to expand my setup into a complete beauty and fitness center. It will consist of a beauty salon, a highly equipped gym and a state of the art swimming pool facilitated with trainers and instructors, open for men and women both.


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