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Parchi team sticks to promotions despite critics

Parchi has received mixed views by audiences but promotions are still going strong. It seems there’s no stopping the dynamic team who are slaying their promotion game internationally as they made their way to Toronto to boost their New Year comedy.

During the press conference, the vital message they’ve got for everyone regarding the unification of Pakistani Media when it comes to promoting our films is an initiative which must be collectively worked towards.

On a chilly winter evening in Toronto, Pakistanis united to support the blooming film industry by giving Parchi’s team a cozy and heartfelt welcome. It is a source of immense pride that our film industry is flourishing and the scent of Pakistan is reaching those who are overseas.

Hareem Farooq, spoke her mind, “We all grew up watching Bollywood movies and love them too! But there’s no reasonable comparison when it comes to Pakistani films and Bollywood. Around five years ago our film industry had its re-birth; just how after a child is born it takes time to grow, so will our film industry.”

“We’ve just only learned how to crawl our way to growing to a maximum potential.”

Our Pakistani entertainment channels are known to produce films that phenomenally contribute to Lollywood; distributors such as ARY Films, HUM Films and GEO films however, focus primarily on solely promoting their own productions and not giving recognition to the films of their fellow distributors. Present at the Parchi press conference in Toronto, CEO of IRK Films and producer of the blockbusters; Siyaah, Janaan and now Parchi, Imran Raza Kazmi spoke up about the rivalry between distributors.

“Competition between media channels are evident and will always be present. However, when it comes to promoting films when one channel doesn’t promote a film produced by another channel, the loss is for the entire Pakistani film industry. As film-makers we’re striving to take our films to the greatest heights. That cannot be done if our films aren’t promoted on a wide scale.”

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