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‘Pari’ brings the horror game on

There’s something about little girls that just seem to freak people out – at least that is what horror films would have us believe. The wide-eyed Japanese twins who haunt our nightmares have taught us that there is little more frightening then the delicate line between innocence and terror.

Now, Pakistan has it’s own creepy little girl in “Pari.”

The first horror film to be entering the market after Jawad Bashir’s amateurish Maya looks promising.  In the first glimpses of the trailer a mysterious man buries a shallow grave while a wholesome family moves into to a massive new house along with their school going daughter. But all is not well.


Written and co-directed by newbie Syed Atif Ali the film looks cheesy but is that really a bad thing for a horror film? The quick visuals and slow music add to the suspense of the trailer. Pari is all set to hit screens on October 31st. Halloween just got spookier!

Watch the trailer – are you freaked out?

Cast: Qavi Khan, Khushi Maheen, Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim 

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