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Pepsi Battle of The Bands Ep 3: Top 6 announced along with some fun surprises

With Episode 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands begins the knockout stage of the competition. As viewers, we are now beginning to get fully invested in picking out our favourite bands and keeping our fingers crossed for their win.

This episode also brought with it two very special surprises! First, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of renown band Strings have joined the judges panel! We loved their amazing performance, where they sang their hit songs ‘Najaanay Kyun’ and ‘Bichra Yaar’, before they joined the judges panel. Both the gentlemen gave some very insightful comments and feedback and make excellent judges to help select the best band of Pakistan.

Second, we had the entertaining Ahmed Ali Butt join the show as  co-host! A welcome addition, Ahmed brings a fun presence to the show with his witty persona, plus with his musical background as band member of Entity Paradigm he is a fitting choice.


It was also interesting to see all the contestants go through a grooming session and some of them really did clean up well! We’re looking forward to see them experimenting with their looks and outfits in the coming episodes.

Coming to the music, Tamasha once again delivered a stellar performance of ‘Sajna’ by Junoon. With everything perfectly on point, the judges once again gave them a standing ovation! Tamasha is coming through as the strongest contender so far.


De Ja Vu, Xarb, Kaaghaz and 21- the Band all brought their best work forward and received applause and praise from the judges. The bands performed retro covers – which was the theme of the episode. The song choices ranged from ‘Purani Jeans’ to ‘Disco Deewane’ to ‘Dama Dum Mast Qalandar’ and were thoroughly enjoyable, with another standing ovation for one lucky band!

Unfortunately, Bayaan, Khamaaj and Sarmasta didn’t quite cut it with their song choice and performances and ended up in the bottom three. Only one of these three talented bands survived the knockout stage, and that too after a suspenseful stand-off. To find out which lucky band made it to the next stage, you’ll have to watch the episode!

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