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Pepsi Battle of the Bands Ep 4: Tamasha continues to shine!

Episode 4 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands saw some spectacular performances along with 2 eliminations. With only 4 bands left to compete for the winning spot, the heartbeats are racing and pressure is mounting on the contestants!

As a pleasant surprise, Episode 4 started off with an amazing performance by the winners of Season 2, Kashmir. Their song, music and stage presence was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a reminder of what qualities the judges are looking for in their winning band. The bands then showcased their talents by performing their original compositions.


Tamasha was the star of the show, receiving yet another standing ovation from the judges. As the judges claimed, Tamasha’s sound, vocals and confidence is so amazing that it’s almost unfair to the other bands for having to compete with this powerhouse of talent! Their very groovy song, ‘Roshni’, is an original that focuses on hope and sounds like an energetic youth anthem that will resonate well amongst the young crowd. They carried their beats well, and as Faisal Kapadia mentioned, the lead singer’s vocal technique can make anything sound great.

At the moment, Tamasha is looking like an easy contender for the winning spot. But as we have seen in numerous competitions before, one bad performance can change the dynamic so only time will tell!


Out of the others, 21 and Xarb performed very well with Xarb showing a different side of their band, which was very well received. Their song, ‘Deewar’ happens to be one of the first songs they composed as a band, a good 10 years ago! Talking about ending conflicts and spreading positivity, the lyrics were deep and meaningful and made for an impactful listen. Fawad Khan rightly pointed out how the band is versatile yet remains true to its identity, which is easily one of its strengths!

Unfortunately, De Ja Vu didn’t perform as well as expected, and given that the contest is now in its elimination stage there is literally no room for a bad day. Kaaghaz didn’t leave a mark either and although Bayaan did perform better than last time, the lack of innovation didn’t impress the judges. After a face-off between the bottom two, only one of these three bands luckily managed to make its way to the top 4. To know which one, you’ll have to watch the episode for yourself!

As for us, we are thoroughly enjoying the nail biting episodes and are eagerly waiting to see what the next one has in store for these talented contestants.


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