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Pepsi BOTB: Top 8 revealed!

Episode 2 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands continued with the audition round, where we saw some more fabulous performances. At the end of the episode the judges revealed this year’s top 8 bands, who will be battling it out for the title!

We were introduced to Kaghaz, who performed a soulful rendition of Ali Azmat’s ‘Taara Jala’, which made for a wonderful listen. The female lead vocalist was performing only 2 days after her wedding and this gesture and commitment was applauded especially by Meesha, who gifted her a badge which aptly said ‘Boss Lady’. We personally loved the strong vibe of the band!


We also thoroughly enjoyed the original performances by Bayaan and 21-The Band. Bayaan sang a catchy number called ‘Farda’ which was an easy, pleasant listen, while 21 sang a true punk rock original, titled ‘Taare.’ Each was unique and showed the prowess of the bands and the platform’s versatility in bringing forth every kind of music.

Of course the highlight of the episode was the big reveal where the judges announced the top 8 finalists. This list includes Tamaasha, who impressed in the first episode along with Khamaaj, Xarb, Sarmasta, Deja Vu, Bayaan, 21-The Band and Kaaghaz.

Another especially noteworthy aspect of this season is the great production value. The sights and sounds of the show have a sleek finish, along with that essential pop-rock vibe. Also, it’s not only the judges who have been styled to perfection, the contestants’ looks also have ample thought behind them, it seems. If they are not colour coordinating in blue or black tones, they are coordinated in matching tees, like Easy Games’ fun look!


Meesha Shafi’s signature style oozes originality, from her accessories to her lip colour everything is on point, while Fawad’s casual vibe has become his signature. Farooq on the other hand looks like a real rockstar, adorning a stack of arm bands, bracelets and even midi rings!

Each of this season’s talented bands have their own vibe, distinct sound and great talent. It’s going to be a strong season no doubt, and the battle will not be an easy one!

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