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Pepsi Battle of the Bands: The final countdown!

After a long, melodious and happening run, Pepsi Battle of the Bands has reached its final stages and it is now the audience who will decide the ultimate winner! Both the finalists, Bayaan and Xarb, have shown their amazing talent, versatility and determination. They now stand as equally strong contenders for the winning spot.

Episode 7 started off with a surprise performance by one of the top 2 finalists of season 2, Badnaam. Their performance was power packed, energetic and enjoyable, as always.

Bayaan and Xarb then started off their face-off, each member dressed to impress and looking like the rock-stars that they are, building up the excitement to their performances.

Dressed in savy blue suits, Bayaan’s first performance was a mash up of Nayyara Noor’s ‘Aaj Bazaar’ and Ali Azmat’s ‘Na Re Naa’- tricky combination pulled off beautifully by the band. The lead vocalist showed that he is capable of singing his signature soft melodies and high pitched ones equally well. The band complemented each other perfectly and this was arguably one of their best performances so far.

Xarb chose to sing ‘Raqs-e-wajood’, a mashup of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Manam Mehve’ and Abida Parveen’s ‘Mann Naraye’. Qamar, the lead vocalist was soulful as always and gave an emotional and moving performance. Even the Persian lyrics were sung effortlessly and the performance was an apt reminder of why Xarb has made it to the top 2!

The bands then went on to perform one original track each. Bayaan’s song was titled ‘Paani aur Mitti’, a soft, soulful and melodic number, true to their signature sound, which made for an easy, calming listen.

Xarb performed ‘Umeed’, which too had their signature sound, while incorporating an upbeat and energetic touch.

These diverse performances put into focus how the two outstanding bands have evolved over the span of the competition. Though both gave impressive auditions, the finesse in their music has reached a professional level and its evident how they have taken the judges’ feedback and worked on their weak points. Not only has their music evolved, but the bands’ performance factor has strengthened and their stage presence has become notable. Ultimately to be a successful performer not only does the band need to have the musical prowess, but also be able to captivate the audience with its presence.

Bayaan and Xarb’s original compositions were enjoyed by the judges as well, who seemed to be quite satisfied with their selection of the top 2.

To close off the episode, we had Aaroh surprise us with an enjoyable performance of their track, ‘Ik Chah’, a light romantic number which had us swaying to its beat. Farooq also shared the background of the songs, which took inspiration from his personal life.

Of course, the difficult task now lies with the audience. You can SMS X to vote for XARB or SMS B to vote for BAYAAN. Send your message to 8042, or visit to submit your votes.

We, for one, like both the bands and honestly can’t make up our mind! Who will you be voting for?

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