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Pepsi Battle of the Bands: Bayaan wins the battle!

The great battle came to an end over the weekend with a finale episode, which turned out to be as grand and entertaining as the amazing season we’ve had this year. The top 2 contestants, Bayaan and Xarb, fought for the winning spot, which was decided by audience votes.

The episode started off with both the bands performing on stage and being given valuable, final feedback by each of the judges. All the judges have been fabulous, giving solid, constructive advice where needed without ever being condescending. It was a fantastic panel and we’re certain that all contestants recognise and appreciate the value they added to the competition.

A special feature also included a look into the backstories of the band members, which added a pleasant element and brought a personal dimension to the show. Through this inside look we got to see the bands’ family members and what a day in the life of a rock star looks like!

Here’s a quick look at the finale’s highlight:

Strings take the stage

The first performers for the show were Strings who presented a revamped version of their super hit song ‘Zinda’. The performance was full of energy and Strings’ refreshing performances always tend to hit home.

Meesha Shafi wins hearts with an original track

Next up was Meesha Shafi who, along with her band, presented an original new single titled ‘Mein’. Meesha mentioned the background to the track and how she wished for it to be more than just a sound, but an audio visual experience for her audience. The soulful performance and meaningful lyrics were an interesting contrast to Meesha’s usual loud and energetic numbers, which came as a pleasant surprise. After all this Pepsi Battle of the Bands platform is all about experimenting with new sounds, and this one was a big hit!

Shahi Hassan returns!

After Meesha, we had a performance by the legendary Shahi Hassan and his band, who chose to perform a rendition of ‘Maula’ by the Vital Signs. A lovely song and melody made their performance perfect, and on some level one felt that a mini tribute to Junaid Jamshed was befitting for the long term association he had with Pepsi.

Fawad Khan lights up the stage with ‘Satrangi’

Last but not the least, superstar Fawad Khan graced the stage to perform ‘Satrangi’, a track composed by Fawad in 2008 that was performed at this grand finale. The multiple instruments and sounds were put together brilliantly and helped achieve the message of unity, which the song stands for. It was a powerful statement, and one that we as a nation can relate to perfectly.

The top 2 perform original numbers 

Finally, we had Bayaan perform an original titled ‘Nahin Milta’. True to their sound, this was a lovely listen with beautiful lyrics and put into focus how well the band has managed to come together in these last 8 weeks.

Xarb sang ‘Kashmakash’, a beat slightly more uplifting than their trademark numbers, which made for an easy, sweet listen. The interesting part was that the band had started writing this song right after the auditions, and it captured their journey from then to the grand finale perfectly.

Bayaan wins the battle!

Ultimately, only one of these talented bands could be crowned the winner of season 3 and it was Bayaan who won the hearts of the public and won based on voting results! However, you’ll be excited to know that both Bayaan and Xarb will be releasing their albums soon and we’re anxiously waiting to hear more of their fabulous music.

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