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Pepsi Battle of the Bands: The top 4 in an Independence Day special episode

Episode 5 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 was an Independence Day Special, with all band members dressed in their eastern best and appealing to everyone’s patriotic side! With only 4 bands remaining, and each extremely talented, the job of the judges is certainly not getting any easier.

The episode started off with a fun surprise as one of the top 4 contestants of Season 2, Jasim and the Pindi Boys, graced the stage and performed alongside the lead vocalists of each of the top 4 bands of Season 3. They all came together to perform ‘Tu Hain Kahan’ by the legendary Junaid Jamshed, Strings and Haroon and it came together as a wonderful tribute.

The competition began with Bayaan singing ‘Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai’ by Mehdi Hassan. So far, Bayaan has just barely been making its way to safety, with detailed feedback and advice by the judges. Their performance this time seemed to have incorporated all of that advice as it truly hit home. The lead vocalist was soulful and the band seemed to have the perfect harmony, and complemented each other very well. The judges too were pleased and acknowledged that this was the band’s best performance so far. The ending especially was well crafted and impactful, and like Faisal Kapadia pointed out, gave an anthemic feel to the song.

Next up came 21- the Band who performed ‘Hum Hain Pakistani’ by Vital Signs. Although 21 has been doing very well so far this performance didn’t quite leave a mark. The judges were disappointed as they too were expecting a lot more, given the band’s journey so far. Fawad Khan said that it did not meet his expectations while Meesha Shafi felt that it “lacked compassion and felt compromised.”

The third band to perform was Xarb who played a cover of ‘Watan ki Mitti’ by Nayyara Noor. Although the performance was enjoyable, it did not move the listener the way it should, and possibly could. Meesha felt that it lacked innovation while Bilal Maqsood pointed out that the band didn’t use the right chords to enhance the melody of the song.

The last performance was by Tamasha, who has really been killing it so far. They sang ‘Is Parcham kay Saaey Talay’ by Nayyara Noor and the performance was powerful, with the lead vocalist bringing on the energy, as always. They added their own elements to the rendition which were positively received by Meesha and Bilal but failed to impress Faisal and Fawad.

Being the bottom two, Xarb and 21-the Band were then given a second chance to perform. Personally, we preferred Xarb’s rendition of ‘Sohni Dharti’ over 21’s version of ‘Jazba Junoon.’ However, in a pleasant twist the judges announced that this round would not feature any eliminations and both bands were safe indeed!


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