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Are Pepsi’s biggest stars over time getting together for something new?

It all started with Fawad Khan’s facebook status last Sunday where he said “Listening to some old school 80’s music!
Would love to meet Zoheb Hassan sometime! #NaziaAndZoheb”.

Zoheb Hassan responded with “Hi Fawad ! Its never too late for a plan ! Let’s catch up tonight !”

And that’s when our hearts skipped a beat!!!

Are these two favourites getting together for something? We want to know!! While we’re listening to Dosti and Disco Deewane and realising how much we miss Nazia and Zoheb, Fawad uploads this picture and we are just too excited now.

The nostalgia is catching on to others and we have Shahi Hassan joining in and talking about jamming with the 2 icons. We all love Shahi from Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands and this collaboration seems to be getting more and more amazing!

Fawad’s status goes viral and his fans from Pakistan and India are sharing their excitement on this new venture. We’ve all been taken back in time and my current playlist is all about Nazia and Zoheb, with Vital Signs and Junoon and Hassan Jehangir and Alamgir all being slowly added as I miss the Pakistani music of the 80s and 90s.

So far, Pepsi has only given us this teaser.

We can’t wait to find out more but meanwhile totally loving the music and the memories!

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