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PFDC DAY 2: A spiral down to dated and uninventive collections

After a successful and action packed day 1, it was natural for us to expect the same kind of enthusiasm from Day 2 at the PFDC Sunsilk fashion week but those thoughts came crashing down after a landslide of dated, cringe-worthy, and horrendously mediocre collections came one after the other. With the sleek and stylish backdrop PFDC has provided, it really does make one wonder how hard a designer must try to make their brand project such detestable fashion. Had it not been for Nida Azwer and Saira Shakira who brilliantly displayed their collections, the only thing we would have taken home from last night’s disastrous runway would have been a migraine.

Saira Rizwan kicked off the day with her high-street collection that was decent, wearable and safe. Looking back now, nothing was truly memorable but at least we can assume it as an upgrade from her previous runway show. Another high street brand that failed to really stand out was IMAGE with their collection titled Dance of Spring. A dated color palette matched with over designed silhouettes never make for a good runway experience and unfortunately IMAGE fell deep in that trap.

Rici Melion made it’s ramp debut with their collection titled ULYSSES. We mean this with all our sincerity that this was perhaps nothing short of a national tragedy. With cringe-worthy antics on the runway that were only complimented by shockingly obnoxious fashion, there was nothing pleasant about those 20 something minutes we had to bear witness  to the biggest embarrassment we have ever seen on the runway in our lifetime. You deserve to be banned.

Nida Azwer’s collection titled The Mughal Court was the perfect palette cleanser after some seriously questionable choices of runway displays. Subtle colors and beautifully curated looks had us gasping with envy. The Mughal miniature embellished jackets were the stand out pieces. The show was a home-run through and through making this our winner for day 2. Another close second was CANVAS by Saira Shakira. Splashes of bold color, innovative silhouettes and brilliantly chic accessorizing made it the perfect way to end an otherwise forgettable day. The designers use of statement elements were well constructed and gave the ensembles it’s cool, young and chic vibe.


Onwards to day three we trudge on hoping the spiral will ease off into something more consistent then the ups and downs of the first two days!!

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