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QB takes Pakistan to FIFA World Cup 2018!

FIFA fever has begun worldwide and it had an interesting surprise in store for Pakistani fans and followers. The Coca-Cola World Cup Anthem called ‘Colors’ has been released and is sung by the famed Jason Derulo along with our very own singing sensation Quratulain Baloch!

Though Pakistan is not participating in the world cup, the song gives us something to be proud of with its upbeat tune, and global representation. The video also boasts high energy, vibrant colours, and both the talented musicians, with QB in her signature cool mode.


Speaking to stylist Ehtesham Ansari, who styled her for the video, we were told that they had decided to go for a fun ethnic feel for her look. “The challenging bit was to develop a look which is effortless, while adding to the vibe of the concept. Plus she has to be super comfortable as she is performing,” Ehtesham told us. “QB mentioned this ethnic sporty piece (top layer/t-shirt ) she has and it all started from there. We decided to go for bold lips and simple yet trendy hair.”

Watch the song below:

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