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Ramadan Is Here & So Are Our Favourite Memes

We are already on our first fast in 2019 and we have been chuckling throughout the day looking at memes for Ramadan. (We don’t have the Ramzan vs Ramadan issue – to each his own, is our mantra)

Here are some of our favourite memes that made our day:

The Classic Ramadan Meme



The Game of Thrones approach is always appreciated




We are ALL Dumbledore in Ramadan, don’t even deny it!




Don’t expect 100% from anyone fasting



Tattletale central!



Yeh roza huwa ya nahin?



That grace period we thank God for profusely throughout the day!



Us – Every. SINGLE. Day



This will be us for the next 30 days.




Let the hunger games begin! We wish you a blissful and blessed Ramadan!


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