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All eyes on Ramsha Khan!

Actress Ramsha Khan has taken over the television industry like a storm with her looks, personality and great acting skills!

For those of you who are new to her work, here’s a quick round-up on how she has become a fast rising star:

So much acting maturity in such little time

Ramsha Khan has only been in the television industry for 2 years but you can see from her acting that she has a maturity in her skill, that many celebrated actors are yet to achieve.

Working flawlessly on two diverse projects

She is currently working on two different dramas by Big Bang Entertainment – ‘Khudparast’ and ‘Kaisa hai Naseeban’. Both dramas have very unique stories and diverse themes. ‘Khudparast’ is a romantic drama while ‘Kaisa hai Naseeban’ centers on the social issue of domestic violence. Ramsha’s acting in both is phenomenal, and she has been able to grasp the characters perfectly.

Bringing life to her characters

The talented young actress performs her roles with such grace and flexibility, which makes the characters come to life. This sort of acting expertise is a true talent that Ramsha has acquired, polished and improved on over time, and it shows clearly in both of her dramas.

Taken her dramas to the highest rating

‘Khudparast’ as well as ‘Kaisa hai Naseeban’ have been rated the highest in the past two weeks and though we know that Big Bang Entertainment is credited for its huge success, one cannot ignore the fact that Ramsha’s lead roles play a part as well!

On the road to a flourishing career

Ramsha’s journey from her first drama to the currently airing ones is proof that she has developed her acting skills and performance caliber immensely well. This is a true indication that she is a sure shot catch for any future project and is steadily working her way towards a successful career. The star has become everyone’s favourite over a short span of time and garnered a great fan following too!

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