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Reiki changed my life: Raheela Ahmed

For hypnotherapist, numerologist, reiki master and personal coach Raheela Ahmed alternative medicine has been life saving. Reiki came to her as what she calls a ‘miracle’ and made her a believer. We sat down with her to to discuss how she came to practice natural healing.

How did Reiki find you?

I found Reiki when I faced a serious health issue. I was diagnosed with an incurable eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa – a degenerative disease of the retina that unfortunately leads to blindness. When  medical science offered no cure to this mysterious condition, my family and I started looking towards alternative practices for healing. My sister suggested Reiki to me and I went to Dubai for treatment. Not only was I cured but I was inspired.

That was a turning point in my life – I changed forever and for the better. 

I had just graduated from Kinnaird College when I experienced the miracle of healing through Reiki made me hold on this practice and I was further motivated to pursue it. By this time I had already read a lot about mind sciences and had done silva mind control program and hypnosis. All these practices really fascinated me as I felt equipped to help myself and others as well. So, I decided to take it up as a profession. And along with it my learning never stopped. Reiki is now a part of my everyday life.

What happens in a basic Reiki session?

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using ‘universal life energy’ channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. In this treatment, the client lies down or is seated comfortably fully clothed and the healer has his hands above them. The treatment lasts for an hour or more depending on the nature of the disease. There are specific hand positions involved. It is a very soothing and relaxing experience and most people fall asleep during the treatment.


How does Reiki help with both emotional and physical healing?

Reiki basically is universal life force energy. And I understand it as divine energy. If we look at our emotions, they are all a manifestation of our thoughts hence, they are also energy. This energy gets stored in our cells and over a period of time they start creating blocks and start manifesting into our physical body as diseases.

When we do Reiki, pure divine energy comes into our bodies and forces  toxic energy in our cells to leave our body. Once it gets clear and positive energy takes its place, emotional and physical pain starts disappearing.


What are some of the common Reiki myths you come across in Pakistan?

  • Reiki is some sort of ‘magic’.
  • It is against Islam as its roots appear to come from Buddhism.
  • We are supposed to do it in a white room, wearing white clothes and not talking at all.
  • If you pass under a high tension wire your attunement will end and you will need to get re-attuned. This is absolutely wrong since once you learn it, you are attuned for life.


Would you recommend Reiki as a means of coping with grief? What suggestions do you have?

I would definitely endorse Reiki sessions as a means of coping with not only grief but also with stress, depression, anxiety, hypertension, fear, and insomnia. Apart from this, however; meditation and physical activity like walking, breathing exercises, yoga and spiritual practices also help a lot in combating grief.

Mostly what problems do people in Pakistan come for to get Reiki done?

People mostly come for stress related problems or physical ailments, in which medical science has its limitations. Also, people who follow an organic lifestyle have now shifted to alternative therapies and Reiki is one of the best; having immediate results and no side effects!

Many Reiki practitioners say you can go back into the past and heal it – what’s your take?

It is indeed possible. The second level of Reiki is known as distance healing. This means that you can send Reiki into past, present, and future not only for healing purpose but also for other social issues, relationship or financial issues as well.

Can you share one of your most amazing Reiki experience?

The most miraculous case is of the lady I treated whose left side was paralyzed due to diabetes. After forty daily session of one-hour, she started walking. Even doctors were amazed by her recovery.




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