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How to #LiveLikeALion!

The hit beverage company, Coca-Cola, has just launched another refreshing drink that has taken everyone by storm- ROAR! Launched with an energy packed TVC, the drink packs a citrus flavour punch, making it stand apart as a refreshing new addition to the market.

The drink’s TVC too is powerful and bold, like the name of the drink itself! Featuring an edgy rap and a catchy tune, the ad shows how one breaks free and becomes as fierce as a lion- bringing in their cool catchphrase, #RoarLikeALion! What the especially cool part about the TVC is that the face of the main character is never revealed, instead his reflection is shown as a mighty lion that everyone fears. This not only makes for a fun unique narrative, but also tempts one to see what all the fuss is about.

Roar TVC

Roar awakens the lion in you to rise and conquer the streets. So, let the world hear your roar! #ReadyToRoar #LiveLikeALion

Posted by Roar Pakistan on Thursday, March 7, 2019

The drink, and it’s promotional material, is as bold and edgy as its name and we’re loving the hype surrounding it. Special props to the upbeat and fun background score, which we can’t help but groove to!

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