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Royal Wedding: The Bollywood Version

The drama preceding the much anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could give any Bollywood movie a run for its money!

It all started when Prince Harry started dating Meghan, an American actress of colour. There was a lot of will they? Won’t they? Will the thakur khandaan ever approve?

As things progressed, there was the essential “Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti!” moment provided by Meghan’s brother and his letter to Prince Harry.

Followed by the typical “Kuch tou garbar hai” when it was heard that the father of the bride would not be attending!

Then came Prince Charles declaring “Meghan ab meri beti hai”, announcing that he would walk Meghan down the aisle.

Of course through all this we heard plenty of unsolicited opinions like “Aray yeh tou is say barri bhi hai!” and “Dekh lena yeh shaadi nahin chaley gi”, and so on.

After all this, the Shaadi ka din finally arrived and we were all glued to our television waiting for the grand Baraat, the Dulhan and her designer jora!

The gorgeous guests started to arrive

Then came the Dulha with his Barra Bhai by his side

The Dulhan was full of Nur!

The Dulhan ki Maa was emotional throughout

The Saas seemed a little naraaz…

The Rasam, the flowers and the Gaanay were all quite beautiful

And finally the lovely couple was off with their happy ending!

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