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Sajjal Ali talks about her mother’s battle with cancer

It’s not easy to entertain people when you are going through personal trauma at home. 

Critically acclaimed film Mom’s stars Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali opened up to discuss the difficulties of working on a film while going through a crisis on Hum TV morning show Jago Pakistan Jago (JPJ).

On the show, Sajal told the host that when she w she left for India, a final medical report about her mother’s health was about to arrive. She asked her sister, Saboor Ali, also an actress, to immediately inform her about whatever came in it. Being close to her mother, Sajal’s heart was stuck here at home while she was on a busy following a tough shoot schedule amongst the Alpines in Switzerland.

‘Sajal’s mother knew her time to leave this world has come,”

-Adnan Siddiqui

“The day I had to leave for the shooting of the dance number, I got a call from home,” she remebered “Saboor told me that our mother didn’t have much time. Before I could compose myself and pull myself together, the crew members had already come to take me to the sets. I requested them to give me half an hour to recover but it wasn’t easy. So I finally decided to go ahead with the shoot and I recorded that scene with so much going on in my mind.”

Adnan Siddiqui who was with Sajal during the shoot said her mother already knew that the end was near.

“One day I got a call from Sajal’s mother and she told me that she was feeling it will be over soon and all she wanted was to see her children stay strong in these times,” Adnan added.

In the end, Sajal said that audience would never understand how tough it would be as an artist to forget their problems and entertain them. Sajal Ali essayed the roll of Sridevi’s daughter with rave reviews from critics locally as well as across the border. The film being Sajal’s debut in Bollywood will give all the ladies out there some savage #motherdaughter goals!


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