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From the experts: Salina Taqi shares beauty tips for the summer!

Hair, skin and energy are at an all-time low with the sweltering heat that has recently gripped the nation. With summer plus Ramzan, one is unable to put in the right kind of measures our beauty and health routines require.

We got in touch with expert Salina Taqi, Director of Salina Cosmetics and Co-Founder of the Ultimate Detox and Yoga X, to share some simple tips that can keep us going this summer.


Superfood Smoothie


Pictured here: Coconut water with chia seeds

Other than keeping hydrated, Salina suggests you whizz up a quick drink that contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 like flax seeds, coconut water and protein to keep up your energy through the day. These omegas are great for your skin and your health!


“Beautiful skin has to come from within rather than what you put on it!” Salina tells us.

Salina recommends a good hair, skin and nails multivitamin that has biotin and collagen to give you extra TLC. Vitamin C and B-complex are also recommended, to keep up one’s energy through the day.

Raw honey and aloe vera


Fasting during the day tends to make one’s skin drier due to dehydration. Simply applying raw honey or aloe vera makes for a quick and noticeable treatment!

Salina’s cosmetic range includes organic products that users vouch for. Her famed Cocogrow hair treatment, Orglow, Scrubglow and other face masks all consist of natural, organic ingredients for those who like to care for their skin while keeping chemical-free. The cosmetic line has recently also launched multivitamins for hair, skin and nails.

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