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Samsung’s fresh new perspective: #DekhoMeriNazarSe

In a time when differences and intolerance are prevalent, Samsung Pakistan has taken a much-needed step to play its part in addressing this issue. With its Ramzan campaign, Samsung Pakistan celebrates the essence of diversity and equality, while extending a hand towards the under privileged.


Samsung | Dekho Meri Nazar Se

In a world full of divide, biases and prejudices; Samsung invites you to look through its lens and see all humans as one.#SamsungPakistan #DekhoMeriNazarSe #Rizq #SamsungRizqMillionMealChallenge

Posted by Samsung on Thursday, May 24, 2018


Fast becoming one of the most viewed and shared ads this Ramzan, it touches the heart and hits home while capturing the essence of the holy month perfectly. Shedding light on the basic human right of equality, the ad shows a beautiful concept as it highlights how the camera’s lens does not differentiate when taking a photograph. It captures each face in its natural, beautiful form showing how individuality is something that should be celebrated and not stereotyped against.

It’s a great initiative taken to raise awareness and bring to light the major worldwide issue of poverty, starvation and discrimination. The ad shows how the global brand has shown civic responsibility and has teamed up with Rizq and pledged to provide 1 million meals to those in need. It encourages us to share our resources with the less privileged, and shows how one can play their part.

The hashtag #DekhoMeriNazarSe calls to open up our eyes and broaden our minds to understand the perspective of others and look at people with empathy.

The visuals are captured beautifully and the message comes across in a truly inspiring way. Well done Samsung!


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