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Sana Safinaz bring a ‘Message from the East’ for FPW SS’19

Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2019 kicked off on 12 March with a grand solo presentation by none other than Sana Safinaz. Bringing to the runway their ‘Message from the East’, inspired by imagery from Allama Iqbal’s Payaam-i-Mashriq, the collection featured fusion wear, smart formals and their classic dreamy bridals.

Sana Safinaz are pioneers when it comes to their game, be it lawn, bridals or formals. The show featured a bit of each, with some elements standing out stronger than the others. The beachy waves, hairbands, vintage glasses and chunky jewellery of the first half gave a great lesson on how to style up fusion wear. The styling and trends were on point with the layered outfits, smartly tailored pants and jackets of various kinds- representing everything a modern day, fashion savvy women would want to opt for. The show soon moved on to some heavier formals, keeping with the mod silhouettes.

sana safinaz

While the heavy, fairytale like bridals were dreamy and beautiful in their bedazzled, floral glory, one felt it moved away from the whole theme and boho aesthetic that the show had opened with. They did however manage to keep things interesting with the tie-up necklines, big floral belts and more.

What we loved:

The boho-chic theme

sana safinaz

The fancy but mod formals

sana safinaz

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