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Scents for the Summer: For Him

Colognes are our go to gift for men (why are they so tough to shop for?!) BUT choosing a scent that suits you is not as easy as with many of us, scents become a part of our identity that cannot be replaced. Classics, new age woody, oriental or fresh.. Men are even more particular about their picks of cologne.

Top tip for the boys: avoid wearing heavy, leathery scents in the summer. Save those for the winter. The hotter it gets the more sweeter the scent will get, it will start to project like crazy and become sickly smelling.

This summer we give you 5 of our favourite scents for the boys – no fuss, as these are easily available in Pakistan:


L’Homme Prada by Prada

With notes of iris, amber, neroli, geranium & patchouli, this is the perfect summer scent! Also a safe option, it is always the most coveted because of how luxurious smelling it is (you can thank that Iris note which gives it that elegance and maturity). A scent perfect for office use and formal outings too, makes it the best of both worlds!


Mandarino Di Amalfi by Tom Ford

With notes of jasmine, orange blossom, grapefruit, mint, thyme, sitting on amber and vetiver with a hint of jasmine, this is an effervescent scent which is a favourite for most men – and the best part? you can share it with your partner as it falls in the unisex category!



Armani Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Sharp, citrusy and aromatic, this scents notes are dominated by bergamot, basil and mandarin with a touch of cloves and lily, finished off with patchouli and sandalwood.



 Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua Di Parma

A woody whiff that makes you think, who WAS he? A splash of bergamot, citrone and ginger on cider with base notes of vetiver and musk which makes it strong and intense – but in a good way.




Aventus by Creed

Also known as Creed’s crown jewel, this is THE cologne to own, and the brands best selling fragrance in their entire 260 year history! No surprise here, its worth it! With notes of bergamot, black currant, pineapple, apple with a hint of patchouli, rose and jasmine and a hit of  musk, vanilla and ambergris.



Happy scented summer, boys!





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