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Safeguard Pakistan, WWF, and kids join hands for a greener tomorrow!

Safeguard has been at the forefront of a health and hygiene mission for the past 2 decades. Through the much-loved character of Commander Safeguard, the brand educates children about the importance of health and hygiene habits, including regular hand washing, bathing, keeping the environment clean and spreading these messages to others around them.

This year, the brand has taken things up a notch and aims to educate children about the importance of hygiene through experiential learning.

Keeping in mind, that Pakistan is one of the 7 countries most affected by global warming, Safeguard Pakistan has taken up the additional responsibility of educating children about the importance of a ‘Clean & Green Pakistan’ by launching Tree Plantation Drives across Pakistan, in collaboration with WWF.

The organization recently conducted an activity, where over 100 school kids were invited to plant over 1100 trees at the WWF wetland centre at Hawke’s Bay Karachi. These children were accompanied by the Safeguard Army, who helped the students wash their hands with antibacterial soap after the tree planting activity. The idea behind the activity was to encourage children to continue indulging in outdoor activities while protecting themselves through better hygiene. And what better outdoor activity than one that helps our environment!


Furthermore, Safeguard is also encourage mothers to plant at least one tree with their child this year, and to protect them better with Safeguard to keep germs at bay! While it’s normal for mothers to worry when their kids are outdoors, this idea turns the tables to help encourage children to go out and take care of the environment because Safeguard is taking care of the germs. This encourages learning as well as instils responsibility in children to work on their environment and help the planet, along with focusing on the importance of hygiene. So now you too can join hands with Safeguard and take part in this great activity with your children!

You can now order Safeguard online and ensure your kids enjoy #Bachpannonstop, as they explore and protect their environment. Shop here!

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