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SOC Films creates awareness about women’s legal rights with ‘Aagahi’

Working towards a more empowered and legally aware female community, Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films’ latest venture is a series of short animated films raising awareness about women’s legal rights in Pakistan.

Titled Aagahi, the venture plans to release 14 short films in Urdu and regional languages. So far the three films released are knowledgeable, short, and easy to understand.

The first one is titled ‘How To Register an FIR’ and explains the process which many of us imagine to be a tedious and intimidating one. It clarifies the importance of an FIR and registering a crime, how the police cannot refuse to register your FIR, how to go about it if you are disabled and what you will be asked to do during the process.

The second video includes two parts relating to domestic violence. It identifies different forms of abuse included in domestic violence such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and economic abuse. The second part then goes on to explain how one can protect them self from domestic violence. Steps include filing an FIR, seeking a protection order, visiting a medico-legal center at a government hospital, or seeking refuge at a shelter if needed.

The third video titled ‘Know Your Nikahnama’ raises another important issue where women are asked to sign their Nikahnama without being aware of its contents. The video walks us through the different sections of the document and points out important factors like underage marriages, importance of Haq Meher, the woman’s right to divorce as well as the right to receive monetary allowance. The video also includes contact information for various helplines, counseling services, and legal support services available to people who may have more questions regarding their Nikahnama.

Know Your Nikahnama نکاح نامہ کو جانیئے

Watch this short film to learn about the Nikahnama. This 3 minute film explains the rights that may be conferred to the bride via the Nikahnama: what is given in the Mehr, the right of divorce (Talak), and even the right to a predetermined monetary allowance the husband gives his wife every month, etc. The video includes contact information for various helplines, counseling services, and legal support services available to people who may have questions about their Nikahnama. Aagahi is a public service campaign by SOC films aimed at informing women in Pakistan about their legal rights. These films are available free of cost to all media outlets for distribution across Pakistan.We thank Aamina Sheikh for graciously lending her voice for the campaign as well as the Womens Action Forum Karachi Chapter for their support and guidance with this project.Voice over Artist: Aamina SheikhArt Director: Kulsum EbrahimAssociate Producer: Maheen JamStory & Research: Sualeha Qureshi, Hani Taha, Asiya Jawed, Nahal Ghaffar Sound Design and Recording: Sameer KhanLogo Design: Noor Euceph#aagahi #knowyourrights #womensrights #citizensrights #pakistan #fir #khatoon #womensactionforum #SOCFilms #socfilmsanimation #2Danimation #infographics #breakthesilence #tothegirls #yesallwomen #pakistaniat #urduposts #animateforpakistan #animateforchange #humanity #storiesthatmatter #nikahnama #knowyournikahnama Rozan CareForHealth Legal Aid Society Lo Bono Law

Posted by Sharmeen Obaid on Monday, October 29, 2018

With just 3 releases, Aagahi has proven to be a commendable venture by SOC Films and we should all make it a point to share these with the less privileged so they can also benefit from this knowledge.

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