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Your favourite stars reveal what they’re voting for!

With Election Day 2018 right around the corner, many celebrities have joined in to express their choice for the right candidate. However, during this time when campaign fever is at an all-time high, it’s also important to look at what one is choosing to vote for, rather than just who.

We got in touch with some of your most beloved stars to hear their thoughts and concerns regarding the elections, and what they deem as a primary concern when casting their vote.

Farhan Saeed


“I think each individual needs to be made aware of the importance of their vote. And of the importance of voting responsibly. Corrupt politicians don’t deserve to be elected. Pakistan has made mistakes over the past 70 years so it’s all the more important for us to vote right, and no matter what the outcome, take responsibility of our elected representatives over the next five years so that we are able to learn from our choices. We can’t let every election just pass by. It’s not in vain. Vote for a cleaner, greener, more educated Pakistan.”

Ramsha Khan


“Voting is a duty as opposed to a right! It is our personal responsibility towards our country to pick who should represent Pakistan for the betterment of the country. Find a political party that matches your views; educate yourselves about their policies and CAST A VOTE! It’s time to take responsibility and build a better Pakistan!”

Juggun Kazim


“The issues that need focus are our children’s rights and their environment. Being a mother, these are the two things that are close to my heart and I want to ensure that our children are not only safe but are also being brought up in a safe environment. Before the election day, I really want to look into different parties and their policies and how they are working towards bringing a change. I want to analyze what the parties have presently achieved and how much have they progressed, as this will be a measure of their credibility. Considering all aspects before voting is very important so cast your vote wisely.”

Wahaj Ali


“I believe our internal issues like water and energy crisis need to be catered first. After that, monetary issues and national integration is also very important. Plus it will work the best if we have cordial relations with our neighbours. With so many things to look into still, I don’t think any party has the ability to maintain a balance.”

Sana Javed


“Political choices are very personal and I stay away from being vocal about the party I believe in, to refrain from unnecessary attention. But I believe if everyone starts to make a change individually, only that can be powerful enough to change the whole scenario of the country. A single entity cannot do it alone. So change has to begin from within. Anyone who has the courage to own their mistake, work on it and amend it, is for me the greatest person.”

Minal Khan


“Political awareness is important for everyone and collectively makes up the whole of Pakistan. The responsibility to vote and choose appropriate people for office is a huge one and it falls on the people of Pakistan. Do not waste this opportunity to make a difference! I will vote – will you?”

Muneeb Butt


“Patriotism is not just putting up flags and appearing in green and white on occasions. It is doing your part as a citizen of Pakistan and bringing the difference you desire on a micro level. It is about making a conscious effort to do what’s right for the country and its future. Casting votes is important, and educating yourself and others around you on making the right choice is even more important! Do not miss the chance to vote for the right leader!”

Ali Xeeshan


“The party that supports a better and stronger education system is where my interest lies. Education is a grass root issue that needs serious consideration. May the best party win.”

Aiman Khan


“Pakistan is the result of an endless struggle and heart-felt passion. It falls to us now to do our part as conscious citizens – and casting votes is a predominant part of it! Make sure you make a conscious decision and vote for the one you think is right for this country’s future! A good future is not impossible to achieve, and it is our dream the way Pakistan was the dream of our forefathers. Do not waste votes, the day of election is close, and there must be passion in the air as each Pakistani does his/her part for the country.”


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