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Steal The Look: Urwa Hocane

You may be wondering ‘if only it was as easy as these celebrities make it seem’ – Worry no more; we break it down for you so you may achieve the hottest looks with ease – thank us later.

When looking for makeup inspiration, we always opt for the minimal look – Urwa Hocane at the red carpet for ARY Awards 2016 did just that. Keeping it simple yet dazzling, the actor stole the limelight.



Apply a creamy nude base covering your eyelids with the help of eye shadow stick. Dab a bit of shimmery eye color for the glam factor. Finish off with a rich, intense effect by swiping your upper lash line with this ultra fine black liner pen.


Use a dewy base that matches your skin tone after your regular cleansing routine.

Once you achieve the desired look after completing all the steps, spritz your face with this cooling & hydrating makeup setting spray.


Add a highlighter to accentuate cheekbones and lightly contour your features. Complete the rosy look by adding some color to your cheeks to get the flushed effect.


Moisturize your lips and coat them with liquid lip stain. Dab your lips dry on a tissue, and then coat with a shiny formula lipstick.

From Night to Day

Skip the shimmery eye shadow and highlighter when going to work or stepping out for brunch.

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