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Style Guide – Parey Hut Love: The Girls

Parey Hut Love is still on our minds, especially the fashion aspect! We picked looks we LOVED from the movie for Zara & Maya and broke them down so you could see them and know which designer was behind each outfit!


Maya Ali’s Looks:

Casual in a Massimo Dutti jacket with a tank top & skinny jeans!

We love how Haani Sharique styled this look to make something so desi like an Uar Sayeed Choli paired with a screen printed skirt look modern and unique.


You just can’t go wrong with jewel tones and this Umar Sayeed outfit is here to prove it!


Another look by Umar Sayeed – the maestro of bridals!


Zara Noor Abbas’ Looks:

Completely clad in everything Umar Sayeed for all of her looks, not that we’re complaining!





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