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Stylist Files: Baber Zaheer

How did you get in the field of styling / makeup artistry?

My aunt was a makeup artist, she taught me all the makeup techniques and after that I started doing courses, this is how I stepped into media styling and makeup industry.

What was your first proper job in the media world?

My first job in media was as a makeup artist, and now I’m celebrity makeup artist.

What fashion advice would you give to an average person?

Well I would say that wear whatever you wear but be comfortable in what you are wearing, you should never copy anyone else’s style if it makes you uncomfortable!

What is the biggest misconception people have about your field?

There is a lot of misconception about our field but I would recount one specifically; I am a celebrity makeup artist and I am working nonstop so many people say that ‘you never pick up calls’ or ‘your behaviour has changed Baber’, so I want to tell them that it’s not that we change or I have changed, it’s the work pressure that drives us insane. Everyone should understand that, as being a stylist / makeup artist is also a field of work.


Which celebrities have you loved working with so far?

Of course Mahira Khan is my first love and I have done so many projects with her in HUM TV and two LUX commercials as a hair stylist.

What is your all time favourite look that you created?

I love to create no makeup looks and that’s my specialty, well I’m not saying that I can only create no makeup looks but that’s what I enjoy the most.

If you could choose a celebrity wardrobe to shop for, who’s would it be and why?

Well I would choose Navin Waqar because she is so much fun to work with, we have nice chemistry.

If you could choose any personality from Pakistan to give a makeover, who would it be and why?

I would choose Sanam Saeed for a makeover, she is stunning but she needs to cut her hair now because she has had really long hair for quite some time. I would like to give her different short hair kind of looks.

Which trends do you want to see disappear?

Wearing too much makeup is one look that’s disappearing now, our girls are learning techniques of how to look good with less makeup.

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