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Tête-à-Tête With Interior Decorator, Uzma Abbasi of Uzma Abbassciy

Uzma Abbasi is a Karachi based interior decorator whose passion lies in creating beautiful nurseries for babies and turning any room from dull to glamourous. Her aesthetic sense is neutrals coupled with fresh greenery to bring serenity along with luxury and runs a brand under the name Uzma Abbassciy.

We spoke to her about all things interior and decorating:

When did you discover you had a passion for interior decorating?

I did my son’s nursery some 23 years ago and then never looked back! I’ve always been so passionate about doing nurseries because I love being around babies and believe it’s so important to provide to both mother and child a dedicated space that is soothing and peaceful. I Think that’s where it really stemmed from

Did you always know that you wanted to do this professionally?

It took me a while to get into it professionally and it did not happen overnight. It was all about timing because I wanted to build a reliable team who could do both nurseries and other formal rooms of the house too.

What did you study? I’m asking because there are a lot of women who feel they want to go into this field but get disheartened as they don’t have the educational requirements.

I didn’t study interior design and it has all been learning on the job for me. In my opinion the starting point needs to be your strong passion, a keen eye and aesthetic skills. Secondly, it is absorbing all the experience you can get on the job and the more practice you have, the better you will be! I also have to credit a lot of my success and ease to my wonderful team that are so supportive and reliable.

Who is your favorite interior decorator?

This may sound very typical but I LOVE Ralph Lauren and Andrew Martin! I also spend a lot of time looking on Instagram and different decorators across the globe to see trends and different styles.

What is the trending colour palette this year?

I love pastels with dark pieces and black and whites will always be my personal favorite but the trending color palette this year are earth tones and gold.

Do you have a specific signature style?

I would like to believe my signature style would be a lot of moulds and accent mirrors, hints of the colour black incorporated and lots of greenery and plants!

Any quick tips on how to turn a drab living room into your dream living room without hurting the bank account?

Reupholstering, a paint job and light curtains can brighten up any room and it’s always a great idea to add different planters near windows etc to add that greenery for more character.

If someone was looking for furniture, where would you recommend them to go?

My favourites are Larry and Charcoal and love how Sana Safinaz add glamour to any room.

Can you mix different metal finishes in a room?

Yes of course, you totally can. It’s all about how you place them in a room to make it all tie in together.

Does your art need to match your furnishings?

Not necessarily. Art pieces can either blend into your room or you can have pieces that deliberately stand out to attract attention and character. You can have a traditional landscape in a modern room interior and an abstract in a traditional room. Art is always your personal taste and the designer should know how to place it.

Lastly, any guidance for budding interior designers?

Hard work, owning up to your mistakes and not having an egoistic attitude is the only way you will go far in your career. Clients are trusting you with their homes so treat them with respect and understand what they want. Make them love their space.

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