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How to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single

So it’s Valentine’s Day again. You’re still single, and like every year you end up spending the day scrolling through your phone looking at pictures of your friends, family and celebrities celebrating with their significant others. By the end of the day all the chocolates in the world don’t help to make you feel better.

What you need is a gentle reminder that it is possible to have a great Valentine’s Day even if you’re single! Here’s what we recommend:

Spa day!

Most of the salons in the city have some amazing Valentine’s Day deals going on, so why not make the most of it? Take a friend along and pamper yourself with a massage or haircut.

Treat yourself to something sweet

Chocolates are great, but why not go an extra mile for yourself? This scrumptious looking doughnut bouquet should make you happy about not having to share these goodies with anyone else!

Book shopping

Me-time gets even better when you have a book to make the most of it!

Take a break from social media

Do yourself a favour and sign out of social media to avoid an overdose of romantic posts. Who needs to know what others are up to when you’re having a pretty fab day yourself!

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