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Walls of Peace

When we heard about the I AM KARACHI WALLS OF PEACE movement, aimed at reclaiming the streets of Karachi by removing negative graffiti from the walls and converting them into unique displays of art with messages of hope, pride, and diversity, we couldn’t help but be intrigued at how it would turn out.

Luckily, the public art movement has succeeded in replacing sectarian, religious, and political slogans with hand painted images that depict positivity and a sense of pride and ownership in Karachites.

It goes to prove that I AM KARACHI succeeded in bringing citizens and artists together again, in collaboration with celebrated author and illustrator of children’s books Rumana Husain, who is championing this citywide initiative.

The barber shop which is open 24 hours round the year depicted on the WOP at Cantt Station Walls of Peace depicting the hawker market around Karachi Cantt Station Walls of Peace

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