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A healthy way to weight gain for kids: Horlicks Growth+

Confused, seeking advice or just need to vent? The place many young Pakistani women are choosing to go for answers is digital support groups. One of these groups is Babies and Bumps known for providing local information and tips to mothers.

The group hosted an event in Karachi where moms discussed the all consuming question: how to make a child grow strong and healthy. The answer: a new variant of Horlicks.

Horlicks Growth+ is a nutritional supplement that is rich in proteins and contains important nutrients, which help in increasing weight significantly in children under ten without causing obesity. The supplement can increase bone density and muscle mass in just six months.

During the mommy meet up, children enjoyed activities like story telling, clay crafts and a magic show while the moms got to learn about how Horlicks Growth+ can benefit their children.

The goal is to provide quality nutrition to help children (who are short and lean for their age) to catch-up on growth.

Here are five reasons we are adding Horlicks  Growth+ to our grocery list:

  1. Horlicks Growth+ is intended for children aged three to nine whose height and weight for age below 10th percentile as per growth charts.
  2. Horlicks Growth+ has been designed & tested by experts.
  3. Horlicks Growth+ is proven to increase height and weight in six months.
  4. It is a balanced nutritional supplement to optimize growth without causing obesity in children.
  5. It naturally contains essentially amino acids and immune nutrients like Vitamin A,C and D.

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