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Welcome Home Malala

More than five long years since she left in a state of medical emergency, Malala Yousufzai has come back to Pakistan. Although the visit is a short one (since Malala is now a student at Oxford), it is very significant since it’s the first visit since she was shot in the head by the Taliban almost 6 years ago.

During these years, she has not only been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but has been continuously active in working for the causes she believes in. She has published two books, set up the Malala Fund and received numerous awards and accolades. One Pakistani we should all truly be proud of .

Malala’s first visit on her return was to the PM House, where the PM hosted a welcome ceremony for her. In a heartfelt and emotional speech, Malala spoke about how much she had missed her home and longed to return back to Pakistan. “I still cannot believe this is happening. I have dreamed of this day for five years. All the time I was in cars and planes across the world, I used to tell myself that I am back home in Pakistan. And it was never true,” she stated with tears.

So many of are so happy to finally see her back in Pakistan, her home country, where she belongs. It is heartening to see her receive the warm welcome and all the love that she deserves. For once, the voices of her haters cannot be heard or seen as they become overpowered by those who truly understand the sacrifice Malala has made, and continues to make, for the girls of this country, their education and their rights.

As rightly said by PM Abbasi “We are very happy that our daughter has come back. When she went away, she was a child of 12. She has returned as the most prominent citizen of Pakistan.”

Thank you Malala and please come back soon!

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